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NBA Blog Previews: Minnesota Timberwolves

Is Kahn is doing his best Danny Ainge impression (building assets to trade) or does he really think he can follow the Thunder blueprint and build a young contending team from scratch?  Nobody knows, but I'm skeptical he can deliver on either one.

Season Preview, 2011-12 Edition - Canis Hoopus

Since being hired as the Wolves' President of Basketball Operations, David Kahn has selected over a quarter of the franchise's first round draft picks while completing a flurry of draft-day trades that has almost completely turned over the McHale/Hoistackcock roster he inherited in 2009.  Heading into the 2010-11 season, the Wolves had only 4 returning players from the previous year, which was down (up?) from 5 the season before.  Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic are the only two players selected by the previous regime.  It is very possible that once the NBA gets back into action, the Wolves will have anywhere from 2-3 new starters and only 1 solid contributor from the bygone era.  All of this movement was not without some shape and direction.  We have all had our fun with long, athletic and up tempo (especially up tempo defense), but these catchwords were clearly signs along the route that Kahn had chosen for his roster and they almost always (I don't think he had the first clue what he was doing prior to a certain Spanish cash cow landing in his lap) have pointed towards a specific place on the horizon: the Arrival of Ricky.  

Good luck with that.

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