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NBA Blog Previews: Sacramento Kings

They almost left Sacramento at the end of last year but they hung on for at least one more year.  With their future up in the air off the court, at least they have some reason to hope on the court.

NBA Blog Previews 2011 (Sort Of): SACRAMENTO Kings - Sactown Royalty

The Kings' biggest need is time. The team's young core needs time to grow together and on their own. We saw last season that Tyreke Evans is not yet an All-Star caliber player, that DeMarcus Cousins wasn't born a fully developed player and that youth is a roller coaster. Only time and experience -- and some expert floor-stretching from Jimmer Fredette, we hope -- will allow the garden to bloom.

Sacramento Kings 2011-12 Preview | Planet BBall

Sacramento has arguably the best young team in the league.  Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins, Marcus Thornton, and rookies Jimmer Fredette, Tyler Honeycutt, and Isiah Thomas all have lots of talent and are on rookie-level salaries.  What they need is a veteran – someone who may not be an All-Star anymore, but brings the experience and leadership that comes from winning. 

They will be fun to watch, I'll give you that.  But will they be any good?

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