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NBA Blog Previews: Oklahoma City Thunder

So, the Thunder are pretty stacked.

2011-2012 Oklahoma City Thunder Preview (Featuring Zorgon and J.A. Sherman) - Welcome to Loud City

Our biggest strength lies in having two dynamic and consistent go-to scorers. The fact that Kevin Durant holds the modern record for scoring 25 points or more on consecutive nights speaks for itself. Theres a zillion different plays you could run for either him or Westbrook, and they usually find a way of working. The second biggest strength has to be the team's solid post defense. Having Ibaka and Perkins in the post is nothing to sneeze at. Perkins brings the size you need in the post, while Ibaka brings the athleticism. Plus, you have Collison waiting in the wings, and he's really good at taking charges.....and being "tough-nosed", whatever that means. Thirdly, the team doesn't really have an area that isn't covered by one of their many valuable role players. Threes? You've got Daequan Cook. Distribution? You've got Eric Maynor. Defense? Sefolosha. Intangibles? Collison. Exciting rookie? Reggie Jackson. Experience? Mohammed. Personality? Robinson. Pretty much anything you need on the floor at a certain time can be accommodated.

And they point out that the Western power teams are mostly aging.  So, the future looks bright.

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