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There's Still A Chance For A Deal

I know all the news out there is doom and gloom but I'm still holding onto that hope that a deal will get done. And I'm not the only one.

The Point Forward " Posts A 50/50 split may be best deal out there "

Perhaps the players got a little heated today and missed a chance to continue productive talks — a chance to negotiate, right now, a 50/50 deal that might be the best they’ll do, and preserve the regular season in the process. But that opportunity will be there going forth, and if more players like the ones who texted Mannix tonight blow up Derek Fisher’s phone, then a workable deal could emerge fairly quickly — provided enough players and owners are on board so as to mute the impact of an angry crew of agents.

That’s the thing: Amid all the pessimism, the deal is still where it always was – in the territory where the players get something like 52 percent, perhaps a point or two lower, and the league gets a slightly harder cap that retains some of the soft cap structure the players need. The question remains: Are both sides willing to give enough to get there?

Yup, I still believe. Then again, I was sure that the Red Sox would make the playoffs. So... we'll see.

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