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NBA Blog Previews: Denver Nuggets

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The Celtics have only a handful of players under contract, but at least those players are our best players.  Some of the Nuggets best players seem to be defecting out of the U.S.

Denver Nuggets 2011-12 NBA season preview - Denver Stiffs

Well, if there is an actual season - the Nuggets will need to field a complete roster. As of now, the Nuggets have just four players that do not have contracts overseas - Andre Miller, Al Harrington, Chris Andersen, and Kosta Koufos. In addition to that, the Nuggets have three players that have contracts overseas with opt-out clauses - Danilo Gallinari (Italy), Ty Lawson (Lithuania), and Timofey Mozgov (Russia). And the Nuggets have one restricted free agent, Wilson Chandler (China), who does not have an opt-out clause if the NBA season does get underway.  With roughly $35.7 million tied up in salary for the 2011-12 season, in 10 players, the Nuggets have some decisions to make.

Oh yeah, and in case you didn't notice, they don't have Carmelo Anthony and they enjoyed a little Ewing Theory run at the end of last season. Can they carry that momentum into the next season?

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