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NBA Blog Previews: Golden St. Warriors

The Warriors preview comes from an unlikely place, SBN's Thunder blog.

2011-2012 Golden State Warriors Team Preview - Welcome to Loud City

Their biggest strength is one of the most powerfual guard duos in the NBA, functioning almost as Yin and Yang. Monta Ellis is the headstrong scoring guard who gradually learned to love the pass. He plays within his means, and knows when his opponent can't. His tattoos are questionable at best, but Warrior fans love him all the same. Stephen Curry is the main passer though, and he's one of the best shooters in the league.  

The downside to having an excellent scoring duo is that if one has an off-night, it's really hard to make up for it. The Warriors were 13-23 when Stephen Curry scored less than 20, and an amazingly bad 3-20 when Monta Ellis scored less than 20. Being hot and cold is natural for a player, but you've got to have some sort of backup for your main guys, and outside of three-happy Dorrell Wright, the Warriors don't have that.

And that wraps up our preview series this year. Hope you enjoyed it.  Look for a full set of links to be sent out soon.

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