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Report: Players Unlikely to Accept "Draconian" Proposal

Optimism fading.

NBA lockout -- Players unlikely to accept owners' proposal, sources say - ESPN

Once NBA players digest all the details of the owners' new proposal -- including a clause opening the way for more player demotions to the D-League -- it's hard to imagine even those desperate to play would be willing to ratify it, sources who have seen the proposal told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher. The D-League clause, which previously had not been disclosed, is one of several elements in the owners' proposal to the locked-out players that prompted one agent to describe the proposal as "draconian." The clause would give teams the right to send a player down to the NBA Development League at any time during his first five years and pay him a severely reduced contract while he's there, a source who has examined the proposal told Bucher.

I have no words left.


Twitter / @RicBucher: 

League official says NBDL rule, along w/20-yr age limit + offseason drug testing are B-List and not take-it-or-leave-it. BRI/tax rules are.

Is anyone's head spinning yet?

Update 2:

Twitter / @HowardBeckNYT

As others have reported: I'm told D-League proposal (assigning players on $75k contracts etc) was NOT part of NBA's revised offer.

Rather, D-League proposal is part of 30-40 "B-list" items that have yet to be negotiated.

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