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Bill Russell Was Also Good At Offense

Gotta love this statistical look at Bill Russell's offense, in particular given the context of the time and the team he played on.  Go check out the stats, but here's the conclusion.

Giving Bill Russell's Offense Its Proper Due - Behind the Basket - The Antidote for Conventional Wisdom

No rational person can look at his stats within the context of his team, which was often one of the top-scoring clubs in the league, and not think Russell was a pretty good offensive player. Factoring in his unique place on Boston’s defense-to-offense transition game (teammates often didn’t play great defense knowing Russell would neutralize the threat as it got closer to the hoop and so that they could already be sprinting down the court by the time Russell grabbed the board or block), it’s not a stretch to say he was the most important offensive player for many of these nine seasons.

Best. Celtic. Ever.

And for my money, the best center ever and the best winner ever.

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