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Unanswered Questions

The Celtics would have started their season tonight, and Paul Flannery points out that there were a lot of unanswered questions that would have started being resolved but now will have to wait. They include:

celtics - Requiem for opening night - WEEI | Paul Flannery

  • Can Rajon Rondo complete the journey to elite-level point guard by improving his shooting and gaining some much-needed consistency?
  • Is this the end of Garnett in a Celtics uniform? His expiring contract is the key piece in their salary cap equation.
  • What about Ray Allen? He’s also in the final year of his deal, but his future with the team is an open-ended question.
  • Can Jeff Green, assuming he re-signs, develop into the kind of player Ainge envisions him becoming, or has he reached a level of decent, but hardly great production?
  • Is Avery Bradley an NBA player?

On and on from whether Paul Pierce can continue his rock-solid second career act to the development of rookie center JaJuan Johnson and all the way to Ainge himself.

My hopeful guesses are: yes, yes, maybe Ray will come back, Green is what he is, and maybe. But I guess we won't know for sure for a while.

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