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Perkins Misses You Too

Most of us were really sad to see Perkins go, and even though he's moved on, he still feels the emotional tug.

Trade still stings Perkins -

"I never knew I missed it as much as I did until I got in there," Perkins said. "I missed the whole city of Boston, the whole of New England, and it just felt good playing basketball here. It’s always overwhelming. You try to catch yourself from dropping a tear, but like I always say, the city has been good to me since I came into the NBA at a young age at 18. I’ll never take it for granted, and I definitely appreciate all of the support when I come back to New England. I hated to leave. God does everything for a reason, but my heart is still in Boston and New England. It was just fun to be back."

(and before you give me a hard time about bringing this up again, try thinking of a few more ideas of things to talk about and offer up your own alternatives)

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