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All I Want For Christmas Is The NBA

I can't help it, I'm still holding out hope.

Twitter / @WojYahooNBA: 

NBA and players resumed talks on Tuesday to try and end the lockout before the cancellation of Christmas games, two sources told Y! Sports.

Talks resume; is there time? -

It began with sources indicating that back-channel discussions were under way last week, then took the next logical step with the identity of the third-party intermediary who was faciliating a resumption in talks. Now, negotiations are back on, with the focus being exactly what two people with knowledge of the NBA's strategy told last Friday it was: ending the lockout in time to begin the 2011-12 season by Christmas. 

All reports were that the sides were close (despite the leanings of the hardliners on both sides).  I still feel like this can get done and that is what the majority wants.

Make it stop, that's my only Christmas wish.

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