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Before We Look Forward, A Quick Look Back

Once more in the rear view mirror.
Once more in the rear view mirror.

I'm itching to get to the games as much as any of you, and we'll discuss free agency and all that fun stuff very soon.  But for those just tuning in or for those that would like a reminder that there actually were some interesting things going on here at CelticsBlog this past offseason, here's a quick look back at the lockout that was.

First, a tip of the cap to the diehards and a welcoming smile to the casual fans out there.

Die Hard - CelticsBlog

This is my written tip of the hat to you.  My quiet but sincere nod of the head.  I am not saying this to create class warfare between the "true" diehards and the "fairweather fans."  In fact, I want to stick up somewhat for the (I'll call them generic) fans out there.

And the fans of all kinds got their chance to have their voice be heard on NBA FanVoice Day.

Sometimes fans took sides and argued over who was right and wrong (I agree with Hobbs, a plague on both their houses).

Personally, I wavered between blind optimism and half hearted pessimism but at the end of the day, I was pretty sure the deal would happen at the 11th hour.

There was lots of non-lockout related stuff going on too.

Ok, we can get to the looking forward now.  Here's what we wrote over the last few months looking forward to the now no longer theoretical season ahead.

I'm sure I'm missing some other items of interest, but that's a good overview.

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