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Celtics Looking "Very Hard" at Tyson Chandler

Yes please.
Yes please.

Well knock me over with a feather, I didn't see this coming.  According to David Aldridge, the Celtics might be thinking of getting pretty creative in filling their center void.  Hat tip to Red's Army author MrTripleDouble10 for this find (and follow the link for the video proof that Aldridge reported this).

Celtics "Looking Very Hard" at Tyson Chandler? - - The Voice Of Celtics Fans

Without being prodded to name teams, Aldridge described how the Celtics don't have many players signed (true), are in desperate need for a center (no offense, Jermaine) and that they are "looking very hard at Tyson Chandler."

First of all, "looking very hard."  Is that like staring through the window at the Ferrari dealership when you barely have two nickles to rub together?  I don't see how the Celtics can do this, but perhaps I'm simply lacking in creativity.  Suggestions are welcome but I'd have to imagine some kind of sign and trade would have to be worked out.  Maybe packaging Green and Big Baby together to Dallas?  Maybe offering Ray Allen in exchange?  I just don't know.

Secondly, if this can be accomplished without giving up any of the Big 4, it is a perfect fit.  Chandler would be a more athletic Perkins that could also finish on the break.  Shoot, he might extend KG's career just by his presence.

Thirdly, this would punt the long standing longshot dream of landing Dwight Howard next offseason.  Oh well.  A Bird in the hand is worth two on the Magic (see what I did there?).

Finally, ...ahhhh, I missed rumor season.  Giddyup!


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