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Winless in December

Sort it out, Doc!  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Sort it out, Doc! (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Getty Images

As the nights draw in, the air gets cool, the shopping malls start to get busier and flashing lights increasingly adorn the buildings which surround us, December is upon us.

However, the Celtics fanbase is rightfully up in arms because we are still waiting for the team's first win of the season. This is a disaster. By this time last year, the Celtics had already won 13 games, so they are way off last year's pace, which saw them get burned because of their failure to earn home court advantage beyond the first round of the playoffs.

The Celtics are extremely fortunate to be leading the Atlantic Division and 2nd in the Eastern Conference by virtue of them holding the "alphabetical order" tiebreaker, but if things continue like this, they're in real danger of falling further behind the Hawks and entering the festive season with ZERO wins.

The age-old issues have predictably resurfaced. Doc Rivers' steadfast refusal to give ANY minutes to his rookies is mind-boggling. Pierce, Allen and Garnett aren't getting any younger, but has he given them a night off or given extensive minutes to any bench players? Of course not. This is despite the fact that all three of them are currently on course to set career lows for completion percentage and points per game.

And WHERE was Danny Ainge while all this was going on? Asleep at the wheel, as usual. It was obvious to even the most casual of fans that the Celtics needed desperately to replenish their depth going into this year, but he hasn't made a single move.

Now I'm hearing rumors that they want to move Rajon Rondo for Chris Paul. WHY? Rondo hasn't put a foot wrong this season and Chris Paul has done NOTHING with the Hornets.

Sure, there have been some bright spots. Whoever would have expected Jermaine O'Neal not to have missed any games so far? These have been all too few and far between though and if things don't change soon, the fans will revolt and start calling for a regime change.

So, owners, buckle up for a bumpy road and don't be afraid to shake things up if they don't turn around in short order. Danny, do something! We have, like, half a team. Doc, play the right guys and call the perfect plays at the right times and we reserve the right to retroactively blame you for not doing so with the benefit of hindsight.

And you guys - yes, you in the green - get out there and BALL like you've never balled before. (No, Glen, I said BALL, not bawl).

Glad I got that off my chest. I missed this stuff. How about you?

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