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More Free Agency Rumors (Davis, Battier, Hill, Etc.)

Today is the first day that GMs can speak with player agents, and as expected, there's been an increase in chatter. Among the Celtics related stories, Jackie MacMullen speculates on who the Celts could pursue in free agency:

Jackie MacMullan on M&M: Veteran teams play well in shortened seasons /

"I think it will be small moves. They have a core that they can try to go out a win. Don’t laugh, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried going after Grant Hill one more time, another old guy, a veteran that Doc loves and I think would be great in their locker room. They need a big body. My guess is they’ll go for a defensive type of center, like Kendrick Perkins, who’s going to cost them less money. Maybe a Joel Przybilla, his name has been out there. Do they go after a young, athletic guy like Al Thornton? They might.

... and Jackie on Big Baby:

My gut is that he won’t be back."

More on Baby, as well as updates on the Celtics interest in Joel Przybilla, Grant Hill, and Shane Battier, after the jump.

Speaking of BBD, it sounds like one reported suitor isn't interested:


Nets are not interested in David West, we are told. Not crazy about Big Baby either.

Gary Washburn weighs in with some speculation of his own:


#Celtics have yet to reach out to the representatives for Joel Pryzbilla but he is someone they may want to consider

Lastly, we hear a couple of familiar names linked to the Celtics:

@jmikeNBAusat (J. Michael Falgoust, USA Today):

#Bulls #Heat #Celtics have expressed interest in Shane Battier and Grant Hill #nba

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