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Paul Pierce Is The Newest Union Ring Leader

Interesting.  First it was Kevin Garnett playing the role of villain, now Paul Pierce is wearing the black hat.

NOTE: I write that with tongue planted firmly in cheek.  I don't side with either side.  They are both "right" to try for the best deal they can get but I cannot find any sympathy in my heart for the billionaires and millionaires on either side.  They need to make a deal and stop this posturing stuff. 

Players discuss decertification on call - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

As many as 50 disgruntled NBA players – including several All-Stars – participated in a clandestine conference call with a top antitrust attorney on Thursday to discuss the process of decertifying the Players Association, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Angry with the concessions already made to the owners and fearful of worse ones coming with the completion of a new collective bargaining agreement, the players could push for a scenario that throws negotiations into chaos and could eventually lead to the loss of the 2011-12 season. Paul Pierce played a prominent role on both calls, leading the charge on decertification, sources said. 

This might not end well.  And what's with all this Celtic participation?

Come to think of it, is it possible that Pierce was driving this bus all along?  It isn't hard to imagine a scenario where Fisher got in Pierce's ear early on, talking up things like his legacy as a player (very important to him) and Pierce ran with it.  Meanwhile, KG would certainly go postal on anyone against his teammate, regardless of the situation.  Just speculation, but food for thought.

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