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And In This Corner, For The Owners, Michael Jordan

So, while Pierce is rallying the hard-line players, MJ is rallying the "hawk" owners.

Hardline owners, led by Michael Jordan, could send lockout negotiations into a tailspin - Ball Don't Lie

A near-majority group of 14 NBA owners is set to dig in their collective heels as the NBA prepares to negotiate with its players on Saturday in an attempt to end the four-month old NBA lockout. According to the New York Times, a cadre of angry owners wants nothing to do with even the limited concessions the NBA has made so far in its lame attempts at good-faith negotiations over the last two months, and led by Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan, things could get worse before they get any better.

In related news, there was a rush on sabers in Wal-Marts across the land and there's sure to be much rattling of them in the next day or two.

Here's the best case scenario: Both sides see the "resolve" in each other's stances and agrees to give in and meet in the middle. Neither side is "happy" with the deal, which usually means it was a good enough compromise.

The worst case? The nuclear option. The owners go for every penny and the players decide to de-certify and the season goes ka-put. (read more about the de-cert stuff here)

My prediction, more delays, rhetoric, and of course saber rattling. Just don't discount the nuclear option.

It's official. I've become a pessimist in regards to this lockout.

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