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Meanwhile, Danny Is Also Shopping For Holiday Deals

Update: See notes from the Danny/Doc press conference here (including Danny's denial that he's trying to trade Rondo - read into that what you will)

Most of the attention is rightfully being put on the major trade rumors floating around the team. Even thinking about trading Rajon Rondo for Chris Paul or anyone else for that matter is big, big news. With that said, big deal or no big deal, the Celtics still have to fill out their roster and there just isn't enough money under the cap to make a splash on big ticket free agents.

Closing window won’t change Danny Ainge -

"Right now we’re calling . . . the guys we think we have a chance at. Our basic priorities are to get better. It doesn’t matter what position. That’s always the key — to find the best players available for the money that we have and the opportunities that we have. "We obviously have just one center on our roster right now, so we need some big guys. Those are the obvious things." But because of the new rules, the most the Celtics can offer is the mid-level exception of $3 million for teams above the luxury-tax threshold.

So we can land one guy that will make $3M (provided the team wants to use the mini-mid-level available to them) and a bunch of other guys making the league minimum. You can see why it is widely considered a given that the Celtics will try to sign Jeff Green and at least sign-and-trade Big Baby. Those are guys that they can offer a little bit more right now (because of Bird Rights).

One way or another, the's got to find guys that will either take less than what they are worth, or have the potential to play beyond their next minimum level contract.

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