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Relive the 2008 Championship With Bent (Book Review)

Just taking this moment of relative quiet to promote and review a new book written by our longtime friend and CelticsBlog author Bent. I was privileged with the opportunity to read his book over the lockout (it filled many a boring night with warm memories of basketball played at its best) and I was honored to write the foreword for the book.

Here's the link to buy the book called "Just Get Me In The Building" (online or in paper version).

Read my foreword after the break.

Just by picking up this book you identify yourself as a diehard Celtics fan. You lived and breathed the 2007-2008 season (and probably the 2 decades of frustration leading up to it). You will cherish the memory of Banner 17 forever.

But memories have a tendency to fade and blur. Sure, you'll remember that the first round was harder than we thought it should be, the LeBron/Pierce showdown, the wheelchair, Ray leaving Vujacic in the dust, and "Anythings possibuuullllllll!!!" But the spaces in between those moments were just as precious.

How about living that dream again? Watching the season again on fast forward, except this time through the eyes of a die hard Brit following the action from London. You think you are crazy devoted? Try watching most of the games in the middle of the night (when you can get them on TV or the computer). You think you've sacrificed for your team? Try making a pilgrimage across the ocean and dropping thousands of dollars in the process. The author is a certifiable nut and I dig that about him.

Long time readers of need no introduction to the writing stylings of our friend Bent. But if you haven't had the pleasure, I can vouch for his wit, creativity, and ability to capture a moment - often in an off-beat but perfectly crafted analogy.

Never let the memory of Banner 17 fade away. Relive the memories and enjoy the ride again.

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