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No News Is No News On Jeff Green

Waiting and worrying.
Waiting and worrying.

Nobody wants to jump to conclusions but nobody is feeling terribly optimistic surrounding the continued mum about Jeff Green's mystery medical issue. Reports have it that it had something to do with a stress test, but without more information it is impossible to know what that means. - Blogs: Celtics Insider» Blog Archive » Green still out; Thursday practice notes

“Yeah, I mean, usually you’ve passed your physical by now,” Rivers said. “I’ll give you guys more tomorrow, but I’ve been around long enough to know if you haven’t passed your physical yet then there’s something going on.”

As previously stated, the most important thing is Jeff's health and wellness. We all hope and pray for the best even as we fear the worst.

That said, provided he's healthy enough to live a "normal life" but not healthy enough to play for the Boston Celtics, some logical questions arise.

Thoughts on Green, Celtics

There's been a lot of questions in the Mailbag and Twitter about whether Green's contract would be voided if he's simply unable to pass his physical moving forward. It's probably prudent to see what the team announces Friday before even considering that path. One thing to note, even by theoretically removing his $9 million from the Celtics' current cap, the team is still over the luxury tax threshold (let alone the salary cap) and would still be limited to mere minimum contracts to fill out its roster.

The Celtics don't gain any cap flexibility by voiding his contract, they would only save tax money. No small amount, but not money that they wouldn't gladly spend if Jeff Green could help us this year and beyond.

So first things first. Get him tested and correctly diagnosed. Then we will see what we will see.

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