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Brief Update on Jeff Green

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Friday Night Update:

Green likely to miss games

A source close to Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green says the 6-foot-8 forward is expected to miss some games early on this season due to an undisclosed health condition that became apparent during his most recent physical.

Later in the article

However, Ainge told that there would not be an update on Green's status forthcoming on Friday. "I was hoping to have his results back tonight," Ainge said in a phone interview. "We hope to have some answers tomorrow." While the C's have yet to say exactly what Green's condition is, a source says that it can be controlled with medication. The same source did not know if it would require a medical procedure as well, but "that's one of the options, for sure."


We'll find out more tonight apparently, but the update this morning on Jeff Green was this (from Steve Bulpett):

Major health concern for Jeff Green -

According to sources close to Green, his health is expected to be fine in the long run, but there is a question now as to how long it will take to get him there. The Celtics are said to be concerned on both fronts. Physicians are still dealing with test results, and it will be determined whether Green needs to undergo a procedure or if his condition can be controlled with medication.

Get well soon Jeff.

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