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Most Brutal Stretch For Each Team

Tom Ziller of SBN put the call out to each team's blog on the network to give him the most brutal stretch of their team's shortened season. Here's what I came up with - but check the link for every other team.

No Sleep 'Til May: Breaking Down NBA Teams' Most Brutal Schedule Quirks -

The Celtics have a West coast road trip that swings back East in March. In fact, it takes up most of March and features three separate back-to-backs and a total of eight games in 12 days before they can taste home cooking again.

All in all, we don't have it too bad. We just have to get off to one of our annual hot starts to build up enough wins to coast into the playoffs. There it will be a whole different ballgame and experience will prove to be an advantage again. Just gotta get there with the remaining team healthy. Same old story.

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