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Hornets Likely To Trade Chris Paul; Probably Not To Knicks

You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need.

Hornets appear resigned to Chris Paul deal; Knicks not confident - Sam Amick -

With Chris Paul's agent reportedly having requested a trade of the All-Star point guard to New York, sources told that the Hornets appear to be resigned to the reality that they will have to trade the potential 2012 free agent, and that the Knicks have very little confidence that they will get him.

So CP3 wants to play with his buddy Melo in New York City. That's nice. Unfortunately for him, New York has nothing left in storage to offer in trade for another star player.

Once that realization sinks in, we'll see if he's willing to change his mind about signing an extension with a team like the Boston Celtics. Which is pretty much what happened with Kevin Garnett a few years back. So Danny hasn't given up on that chance.

Meanwhile, general managers like Boston's Danny Ainge will continue pursuing Paul and hoping he changes his view on his future.

Stay tuned. (and yes, maybe I am milking this - so shoot me)

Update: Interesting article on the NY Post with the following explanation on why Paul is financially motivated to request a trade sooner rather than later.

Trading Paul to Knicks won't be easy -

There’s a reason Paul would want to go now and not wait until 2012. According to the new tentative CBA, if Paul is traded before Jan. 1, he could retain Bird rights with that new team and sign a lucrative extension deal spanning five years after the season. If he waits until the summer, he can sign with the Knicks for four years but at less-than-the-max, about $13 million.

Update 2: Wait a minute, isn't this the sort of thing that the new CBA was supposed to put a stop to? Well, yes and no.

Chris Paul-To-Knicks Rumors, And How The NBA Created A Monster -

In theory [the new CBA] gives superstars financial incentive to stay with their original teams. But if franchise players do want to leave their teams, then this model gives leaves them with an obvious choice. Sacrifice $26 million and an extra year at max salary in exchange for the freedom to play where they want, OR tell their current team that they're definitely leaving, and force that team to choose between trading them now, or risk losing them for nothing.

Nice job owners and players. Thanks for wasting 4 months of our lives.

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