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Boston Celtics Daily Links 12/20

Herald Moore time for learning

"The interesting thing about him is the speed of that confidence," Allen said of Moore. "When you get young guys, they're always hurrying up, they're rushing, and he has a speed that's kind of in between. He knows when to turn it on and lull his defender into a false sense of confidence. That helps out there.

"That's something you usually have to learn as a young player in this league," he said. "If you have that already, the game slows down for you. It's always surprising. Any time you ask about a guy coming into the league, I say the measure is heart. That's always the barometer. You talk to a guy to see who he is, what his upbringing's all about. Everyone is talented, but can a guy stand to be yelled at? With two seconds on the clock can he make a free throw or make a play down the stretch? Very few guys are able to facilitate like that."

Moore may be a rookie with that rare quality.

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