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Kevin Garnett Takes On JaJuan Johnson As Apprentice

You have to love this.

Quick hits from Celtics practice - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

It may seem minor, but JaJuan Johnson appears to have already earned the trust of Kevin Garnett and that's huge for him moving forward. Garnett only gives newcomers one chance early on to take his guidance and rookie Johnson appears to have passed the test. "Kevin is clearly taking JaJuan under his wing. You guys have been around -- he gives you the one shot and if he thinks you’re paying attention, he spends the year around you, and you can see JaJuan obviously has passed the test," said Rivers. "Which is good news for everyone, because it makes it a bad year for that guy."

Johnson couldn't find a better fit as a mentor. The guy has KG's build and offensively he has the same kind of game and even the same looking jump shot. Nobody has the maniacal energy that KG has, but if Johnson can pick up some tips from him, he'll be well on his way to being a solid and valued player on this team for years to come.

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