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Celtics Steamroll Over Raptors For Undefeated Preseason!

And there was much rejoicing.


Let's hear it for Greg "Steamroller" Stiemsma!

Celtics 81, Raptors 73: Celtics end preseason with victory | Celtics Town

On one possession, Boston’s offensively-challenged training camp invitee ran the floor and finished an and-one dunk, prompting Tommy Heinsohn to say, "I tell ya, when you get a big guy like Stiemsma who can motor up the court –" Heinsohn stopped his sentence mid-thought, but the message was clear. When Boston’s very next play featured a Stiemsa 17-footer that looked as pure as a glass of Brita water, Twitter erupted into a barrage of Stiemsma praise, igniting comparisons to Marty Conlon, Brian Scalabrine, Brett Szabo and Andrew DeClerq.

Rondo looked good, Bradley did not, JaJuan sat a lot.

Other stuff happened, nobody got hurt, pass the eggnog and bring on the Knicks.

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