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Wish List and Other Quick Links

The fine folks at Hickory High asked a whole lot of blogger type people to give them their holiday wish list. Here's what I submitted (and see the link for lots, lots more).

NBA Wish Lists | Hickory-High

How about a successful surgery and a healthy heart for Jeff Green. Everything else is miles below in priority.

But if we're wishing upon the stars for everything and everything, perfect health for the rest of the team and surprise "step-up"contributions from the younger players on the team. I sure would like to see one last hurrah before the window closes.

So what is on your wish list this year?

In addition, I was asked to fill out a ballot for preseason picks for the best players in the Atlantic Division. No surprises but a good list of names.

Also see some other fun links (and of course stay tuned for FLCeltsFan's exhaustive list later):

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