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Bass Knows His Role, Plays It Well

C Bass
C Bass

It seems impossible to evaluate Brandon Bass without comparing him to the guy that he was traded for. Glen Davis was a fun loving spirit, but also one that was often lacking in maturity. The opposite seems to be the theme of praise for Bass. Of course, we'd put up with all sorts of idiosyncrasies if Big Baby would have just performed on the court as well as his replacement did yesterday.

New Celtic Brandon Bass hits the boards in debut - The Boston Globe

"If the bigs are there, we’ve always wanted to,’’ coach Doc Rivers said. "That’s been one of the most misunderstood things about us was we’ve always told our bigs, ‘If you’re under the basket and we shoot, how about going to get it?’ "It’s nice to have it.’’


"Brandon's going to give us, obviously, a more mature or more consistent scorer coming off the bench,'' said Garnett, who called him an X factor. "I honestly like our bench, how we look, not just on paper, but on practice and in games.

"Chemistry is still a question mark, how well they jell. How quickly they jell is another question mark.''

There's still work to do, but that's to be expected with a team and a league that have been thrown together in a matter of weeks. How quickly they jell will be critical to their success.

Note: Coming off the bench for the Magic, Big Baby posted 6 points and 5 rebounds yesterday.

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