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Back To Back Big Easy Blues

Yup, it was about that easy for the Big Easy.
Yup, it was about that easy for the Big Easy.

So, lets go over the high points to this game.

Greg Stiemsma had 6 blocked shots!

...and that's about it for the highlights.

Old, slow, tired, jet-lagged, unmotivated, sloppy, pick your adjective and it applies. The offense was bland and un-creative. The defense was slow to rotate (except for blondie) and lacking in discipline.

Whatever momentum they had with the "moral victory" of almost coming back against the Heat was lost on the flight to New Orleans. That whole sentence just depressed me.

The Celtics are now 0-3 (and the Hornets that everyone was feeling sorry for a week ago are 2-0). I don't even know what to do with that. All we can look forward to is a favorable schedule that includes lots of home games coming up. Of course those are now looking like must-win games because of the slow start and the fact that the last half of our schedule is downright killer.

This was a trap game from the start. I don't really think this team is as bad as they looked tonight. That said, there's not a lot of evidence that we'll be able to hang with the Heat in a 7 game series. And if they don't start winning some games, they might have bigger problems than that. A healthy Paul Pierce and Mickael Pietrus would be nice, but will it be enough?

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