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Teams Can Talk To Free Agents Monday - Can't Agree To Deals Yet

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If it seems like they are making this up as they go along it is probably because they are.

NBA free agency courting can start Monday, sources say - ESPN

NBA team executives and coaches will be allowed to start talking to players around the league starting Monday at 10 a.m. ET, according to sources familiar with the league's decision. Teams were notified Saturday that contact with players -- and free agents -- will be allowed Monday as the scheduled opening of NBA training camps approaches Dec. 9. Sources say that the league, though, is still telling teams that the restrictions in place since Wednesday -- which stipulate that no oral or written agreements can be struck with free agents -- remain in place because the lockout is still technically in effect.

I honestly wasn't aware that they couldn't talk to players yet. I guess the rumors flying around the Celtics are that they "expressed interest" in just about any free agent not commanding top dollar.

Next week should be fun.