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Avery Bradley Is Eager

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Hey, remember that guy that was a rookie last year that never got to play unless it was a blowout or the last game of the season? What was his name again? Oh yeah, Avery Bradley.

Some guys would take that experience and get down about it or blame the coach or whine about their situation. Not Avery. He's like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, bouncing around in his pajamas and looking for any signs of Santa. It didn't take him long to show up once that gates were opened.

Avery Bradley back and ready for season -

Avery Bradley hopped a red-eye from Seattle to Boston to get to the Celtics practice facility this afternoon and he sounded disappointed he wasn't able to get here sooner.

And before the lockout even started, Avery flew down to Orlando, mostly just to hang out with Doc.

Bradley working to earn Doc's trust - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"I feel like if someone has trust in you off the court, they’ll be able to trust you on the court," said Bradley. "That was the main thing for me, to just build that relationship with Doc, let him know how much I want to play. I feel like he’s seen that, now I just have to prove it on the court. When I come in here, from Day 1, I have to go hard and show him that I improved over the summer and, not only that, but I’m looking to improve throughout the year."

I like that. I like that a lot. The kid wants to play. I hope he gets a shot and makes the most of it.

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