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Open Thread On Free Agency

I'm assuming that rumors will be rampant today, so I'm just starting us off with an open thread to discuss anything and everything that happens. Enjoy.

For now, things could look pretty much like they did last year.

Calm before the storm -

“What people don’t realize about Green is that deal is practically done,” said the agent. “They’ve already given him a qualifying offer, and he’s not going to turn that down. And if someone gives him an offer sheet, then they just have to decide whether they are going to match. “They almost have to sign (Davis). I don’t see any way that they can’t get that done.” One sign of Ainge’s course appears to be the Celtics’ low profile, to this point, in the greater free agent market. Though they have expressed interest in free agent centers and power forwards including Kwame Brown, Jason Smith, Joel Przybilla and Chuck Hayes, the C’s reportedly have not been aggressive in any of those situations. The Celtics appear to be more concerned with their own free agents than anyone from the outside.

Tom Ziller isn't so sure. - Rajon Rondo And The Luck Of Danny Ainge's Celtics -

If this were nearly any other GM, you'd bet against massive overhaul right now when there looks like there could be one last run. But Ainge has never been shy on the trigger. He's never checked his itchy finger. He'll do something big in the next few months, or he'll flame out trying. The question is whether the luck he met with Rondo will continue with the next young star he snags. If not, it could be a long rebuilding timeline for the Celtics.

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