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Latest Chris Paul Rumor Updates

The wheels keep turning and the rumors keep leaking out. A word of caution as we all try to digest this - rumors have a way of being told with a slant that benefits the person leaking the information. While I'm sure that the Celtics and Hornets have discussed a number of Rajon Rondo for Chris Paul trade ideas, I'm also sure that we don't have every detail of the fluid discussions, no matter how many outlets run the story.

With that said, we here at CelticsBlog will keep trying to keep you up to date with the latest scoop. (Note: I haven't even had time to look through the team's schedule yet!)

ESPN seems to have the most recent info.

Sources -- New Orleans Hornets pushing for Eric Gordon or Stephen Curry in Chris Paul trade - ESPN

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and Los Angeles Clippers guard Eric Gordon are the two players New Orleans has pursued the hardest in the Hornets' fast-moving search for a workable Chris Paul trade, according to sources close to the talks. But the Hornets continue to meet with resistance from the Warriors and the Clippers on Curry and Gordon, sources told, because both teams are reluctant to part with their young backcourt cornerstones with no assurance from Paul that he will stay beyond this season.

A couple of things there. First, you'll notice (as I expected) that Chris Paul isn't giving anyone assurances about re-signing. That fits with my theory that he's looking for the maximum payday 6 months from now (as required by the new CBA).

Secondly, it is very interesting that the Hornets value Stephen Curry and Eric Gordon more than Rajon Rondo. As a Rondo fan I have trouble understanding when or where those two passed him, but if rumors are true then we might have some indication of what Rondo's perceived trade value is around the league.

ESPN is reporting that keeping Eric Gordon is a "deal breaker" for the Clippers. Either that's a negotiating tactic or the Hornets might have to "settle" for a lesser package like the one the Celtics are trying to put together. Meanwhile, the Warriors might just be distracted by their efforts to land Tyson Chandler.

That first ESPN link also depicts the Celtics (and Rockets) as being "uber-aggressive" for Paul, indicating that they are still looking for 3rd and 4th teams to sweeten the package they are offering because the Hornets are "luke-warm" to the players they have.

Also, Steve Bulpett reports that Glen Davis could play a role in all of this as he could either be included in a trade or wind up in New Orleans or Orlando (to help Dwight) as a free agent.

Stay tuned, we'll have more updates as they become available. And maybe we'll even have a chance to talk about something else today too!

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