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Rajon Rondo - What Me Worry?

Apparently silly people (like me) worrying about Rajon Rondo taking things the wrong way and sulking about trade rumors were a tad premature. And Rondo showed that he's ...pretty mature.

Twitter / @peterstringer:

Rondo is very upbeat and happy. Vocal with media and cracking jokes. Says he'll be more cooperative with media. #celticscamp

"Danny's believed in me since Day 1. I've been in a lot of trade talks. I'm sensitive. I'm human.But at end of the day I'm comfortable." -RR

Twitter / @ESPNForsberg:

Rondo was funny, engaging, and not afraid to tackle the tough topics. If rumors affected him, he's not showing it.

Twitter / @scott_souza:

Rajon Rondo did everything he could to show he was mature, upbeat and happy to be in Boston. He was as conversational and cordial as ever.

Apparently he even promised to be more cooperative with the media. I'm pleasantly surprised.

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