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Is This Poem About The Celtics?

Ha, he's not passing that.
Ha, he's not passing that.

I was reading TrueHoop today and I saw this poem:

In Response to Kobe Bryant's Suggestion that I'd Choose Him to Take the Last Shot if My Life Was on the Line  - By Sherman Alexie

Here's the thing,

Here's my end-of-life plan

(And I know I risk the condemnation

Of the Kobe-ists who love the isolation):

To save my soul

I'd choose the pick-and-roll

With a ball-handling assist-freak

And a big man trucking from the key

While a great shooting trustee

Waits on the wing.

Explanation after the Jump

It is in response to Kobe Bryant stating that the facts don't matter, and that he is a fantastic crunch time player. If you don't know who Sherman Alexie is, I suggest you find out. He's a 'creative type' from Seattle, and was one of the most vocal and visible people from that town that spoke out against the Sonics moving. 

The poem above, don't get me wrong...but is the 'ball-handling assist-freak' Rondo? Is the 'big man trucking from the key' KG? Is the 'great shooting trustee' Ray Allen?

Or is not everything about me?

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