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Just Not Enough

I had a bad feeling about this game headed into it.  Too much emotion and motivation not on our side.  The Lakers were out to prove that they are still worthy to wear their rings while the Celtics already proved their point in LA a few games ago.  Once Ray got this record, there was a bit of an emotional letdown.  So after building a 15 point lead (with Kobe trying to get his teammates involved), they let the Lakers back in the game with a 10-0 run in the 2nd quarter and let the Lakers take control in the 3rd (with Kobe reverting back to his Black Mamba Hole ways).

  • Our lack of depth really hurt tonight, as Ray got into foul trouble which forced us to rely too much on Von Wafer who was Kobe's whipping boy for much of the 2nd half.
  • Losing Nate Robinson to a knee injury didn't help.
  • With that said, we had 2 days rest for everyone, so I don't think you can say we were tired.
  • This is the third straight year that the Lakers have won the regular season game in Boston.
  • Rondo once again was given ample room to shoot and passed up several shots but still got his 12 assists and 10 points with 5 rebounds.
  • Ray was on fire in the first half.  Getting into foul trouble really cooled him off.
  • In case you are tracking this, the Lakers won the battle of the boards again (47 - 36).
  • Great moment getting Ray his record, it is a shame it couldn't have come in a win.

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