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Celtics Come Back From Iffy 3rd To Finish Against Nets

The Celtics started out very strong, leading 25-14 at one point in the first, but from there until about halfway through the 3rd, the Nets were looking like they were going to steal one. Paul Pierce came to the rescue though, bouncing back from his 1 point performance against Miami to score 31 points and more importantly, get himself 13 free throw attempts.

The Celtics went into the half and came out looking like their energy was low, and their focus was lost, but Pierce kept going to the hole, not settling for easy buckets, and the Celtics clawed their way back in the game, and managed to pull out a double digit victory. 

On the Nets side, for about a quarter and a half of total play, they looked unstoppable. Brook Lopez was playing brilliantly, really showcasing why people talk about him so much, even on the defensive end. You'd think Kevin Garnett insulted Mickey Mouse or something (Lopez loves his Disney..not kidding). The Celtics defense tightened up though, and the Nets offense ran dry. Turnovers, missed shots, frustrated play overall, and the Celtics just put them away. It was tied around the 6 min mark, but the Celtics ended the game on a 17-2 run. Celtics win 94-80.

3rd and 4th Quarter Thoughts after the jump. 


3rd Q:

Nets go on a 13-6 run in the first 5 mins of the third. Celtics look a little lost energy-wise. Nets go 7 for 7 to start the 3rd.

Brook Lopez has really been showing his versatility as a scorer, and some of his potential as a defender...Nets had shot 73% in the third Q, and hadn't turned the ball over once until the 5 and a half mark. 

Paul Pierce led the comeback,  he just kept on attacking the hole, and suddenly around the 4 min mark, the tide turned. The energy level clearly picked up, C's working harder for rebounds.

Who knew Kris Humphries and Kevin Garnett had a history? "Hump" is 25 years old..their little 'thing' started back in Minnesota while Humphries was in highschool and college, and would play pickup ball with Garnett during the summers. Makes you think maybe there is a middle school up and comer in Dorchester than thinks KG is a piece of trash because he caught an elbow during a game of "21" or something. 

Celtics tied the game at the 2:30 mark, just kept attacking....but they didn't take the lead right away because they started settling for 3's. They eventually got up off of a Paul Pierce ft at 1:07. Why? Because they went back to the paint. Celtics took 14 FT's in the third quarter alone during the comeback, the Nets had taken 13 all game through the end of the 3rd. 

One thing I love about Nate..every shot he takes he's just excited to make. Whether he's shooting an early 3 in the clock in transition or a halfcourt buzzer beater attempt at the end of a period..he's pumped to be there.

Celtics end the period tied, 70-70 after starting the half down we got that goin for us. 


4th Q

We give Glen Davis a lot of crap for his play. He doesn't rebound well, he takes too many shots sometimes..but we don't give that guy enough credit for defending guys who have 6 to 7 inch height advantages on him night in and night out. He might have little T-Rex arms and a small vertical, but he's got a big ol heart. 

Lots of back and forth ball through the 4th quarter. Both teams are missing, lots of fouls, not a lot of chippy play though. That ends though with two quick baskets by Nate Robinson who brought some real swagger off the bench. That's what we call "Good Nate". 

While I'm not a fan of having a 3 man bigs rotation for two positions, with large amounts of time with Baby as the center, I am a fan of Von Wafer getting lots of burn. He's not perfect, and he's probably not as good as Marquis, but I don't feel anxiety about needing to rely on him anymore. 

Maybe it is because I don't really like Sasha as a player, but you get the feeling by watching the NJ players' body language (specifically Kris Humphries) that they don't really like him much either. 

Maybe I didn't notice it earlier, but since about halfway though the third, the C's have been doubling Brook Lopez everytime he gets the ball, and because of Perkins and Davis, he's been getting the ball about 12-15 feet from the net..Brook Lopez does not react well under these circumstances. 

Kris Humphries would be a heck of a Celtic. Tough nosed, 100% kinda guy. Plus, he looks like "the bad guy" in a Dawson-Joey-Bad Guy love triangle. I can already see it..Dawson tells Joey that bad guy is cheating on her, and big bad Kris Humphries decks him on the patio of a house party, and Joey cries then chooses Dawson. Tell me I'm wrong. 

Celtics keep on attacking the hoop, and that's the story of the game. When they were down, Paul Pierce brought them injected energy on the boards and defensive end, and created more opportunities. A team like New Jersey doesn't have the interior organizational skills or talent to fight that. Celtics secured the win around 2:50 left in the 4th. 

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