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Rumor: Celtics Expected To Make A Trade

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Ken Berger reports: Trade buzz: Basketball

Sources say the Bulls and Celtics are widely expected to make a move before the deadline, and each is seeking wing help. The Cavs' Anthony Parker would be an ideal fit in both places. Wizards guard Kirk Hinrich would be a good fit, too, but his $8 million salary next season would make such a transaction troublesome.

Interesting news if we can believe it.  The rumors have been mostly pointing towards buyout options but this info indicates a trade might be more attractive.  Reading carefully, there aren't any specific trade rumors, just that it is "widely expected" that the C's will make a move.

Parker seems like a logical target but again, he's not specifically linked to the Celtics.  Not sure what the Cavs would want in return or what Danny would be willing to give up.  Hinrich seems less likely for Boston but that may have been more about a potential return to Chicago.

It isn't much but we are a week away from the trade deadline and this is a reasonably believable rumor and I'm willing to run with it.  Fire up the trade machine!

Update from Ainge on WEEI: Ainge: C's 'fielding calls' on possible trades

"First of all, we need to gather all the information on Marquis," said Ainge. "We're fielding calls, nobody seems ready to pull the trigger on anything. We have a competition meeting on Friday and have a chain to talk to people and then probably starting next Monday or Tuesday we'll start getting a little more serious about possible roster moves that we can make. Right now there's a list of about 15 or 20 different options and go from there over the weekend."

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