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Celtics Among Teams Pursuing Anthony Parker

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The Celtics are pursuing Cleveland wing Anthony Parker, according to's Marc Stein.

The Celts, according to sources briefed on Boston’s thinking, have joined their conference rivals from Chicago in pursuit of Cavaliers swingman Anthony Parker.

The Celts covet an extra playoff-tested shooter/defender as much as the Bulls, with Marquis Daniels out indefinitely and Delonte West missing much of the season so far. Yet it remains to be seen whether either of the two teams is willing to meet Cleveland’s asking price.

The Cavs are seeking a quality draft pick or a young big man with promise in exchange for Parker, who’s averaging 11.5 points and shooting 47 percent on 3-pointers in February.

The Celtics could offer Semih Erden in a package for Parker (perhaps alongside Marquis Daniels), but trading Erden-for-Parker straight up does not work.

After the jump, I quote myself. Which is odd. (Celtics Town)

Which begs the question: Would I offer Semih Erden in a package for Parker, or another backup small forward? That all depends (and, really, my thinking about the whole trade deadline action depends) on Marquis Daniels’ health. If the Celtics are sure he’ll be ready for the playoffs, there’s no need to trade for Parker. Even though, as a veteran shooter who also plays some defense, Parker certainly has more value in Boston than he does in Cleveland.

I’d rather keep Erden around, if possible. Young, promising centers don’t grow on trees, and I’m actually quite enthused about Erden’s future prospects. But if Daniels can’t return this season, the Celtics need to make a move to add some size behind Paul Pierce. And Parker wouldn’t be an awful fit.

But aren’t the Cavs asking a little much? Parker’s a 35-year old backup currently shooting an even 40.0% from the field. The Cavs shouldn’t expect "a quality draft pick" or "a young big man with promise" in return for Parker, right? Wouldn’t they just be lucky if some team takes his contract off their hands (which the Celtics can do by offering Daniels and cash)?

Trade rumor season is officially underway. Beware.

Oh, yeah. And the New Jersey Nets and Denver Nuggets have reportedly agreed to terms on a trade that would send Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey. The trade is not a done deal because it is contingent on Anthony signing an extension with New Jersey, which "he has been reluctant to do."

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