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Quiet Ray Gets Loud

We continue Ray Allen appreciation week (look for another article later today) with a few notes from last night.

Allen gets his point across -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

The starters chewed the second unit out at halftime of their 95-90 win over the Kings, but the most surprisingly vocal was Ray Allen. "Ray really doesn’t say too much at halftime," Paul Pierce said. "Guys responded. Ray doesn’t really say much. He usually talks to us on the bench, on the court. But he kind of lit us up a little bit at halftime and it woke guys up knowing that we’re not playing to our potential."

Rapid reaction II: 20 for 20 = win - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

The Celtics have all sorts of fun stats about when this team is successful. For instance, Boston is 10-1 this season when it scores between 90-99 points and it is 21-3 when it outrebounds an opponent (both of which it accomplished Tuesday). But there is only one true stat this season that guarantees success: When Ray Allen scores 20 points or more, the Celtics are 14-0. 

Don't know how many more ways I can say it, but I just love having this guy on our team.

On another note, imagine (if you dare) if had never happened.  The Celtics aren't the only franchise that would look a whole lot different if that trade never occurred.

Bill Simmons - ESPN

Other than Reggie, you know who the biggest loser is here? Sam Presti, who made a totally defensible trade when he was rebuilding Seattle around Kevin Durant in 2007 (Allen and the rights to Glen Davis for the rights to Jeff Green, Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak's expiring contract) and never imagined he was giving up five or six more killer Ray Allen seasons. I can't wait for the "40 for 40" documentary about the 2007 draft in 10 years.

Do you think the Thunder would trade Jeff Green for Ray Allen and Glen Davis right now?  Yeah, I'd say so.  I have to agree with Simmons.  The mentor relationship alone might have been worth it for the young OKC squad (not just Durant, but guys like Harden and others would benefit from a guy like Ray around).  Thankfully this one is just in the "what if?" category.

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