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Relatively Healthy Celtics

Everyone is fully aware of the Boston Celtics' struggles with injuries and "staying healthy."  What we sometimes lose sight of is the relative health of the top 4 players.  Neither Paul Pierce nor Ray Allen has missed a single start.  Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo have played 45 and 43 games out of 54 respectively.  That's a big reason why all 4 were All Stars this weekend.

To top it off, the Celtics have gotten a full season from Glen Davis and Nate Robinson and before he went down with a spinal cord injury, Marquis Daniels had played a very steady 49 games.  That (relative) health from the top rotation guys is a big, big reason why they are sitting atop the Eastern Conference rankings (if only by percentage points).

The Big 4 will need help to bring home a title and hopefully the All Star break will provide the troops enough time to rest up and get healthy for the 2nd half.  Still, it is worth pointing out the obvious once again:  This team will go as far as the stars take them.

Bonus link: Friendly, But Not Friends - where Jay King breaks down the interactions of the Big 4 and the rest of the All Stars.

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