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C's Will Be Active (Rumors and Injury Updates)

Well, the All Star game is over and the big Melo-drama domino has finally fallen.  That means that things are going to heat up in the next couple of days leading up to the trade deadline.  We get to see a revamped and possibly short-handed Denver team on Thursday night - so hopefully that is a win but you never know with this team.  But the more interesting story to watch is what the Celtics will do about that small forward need.  Doc and Danny have been very open about the fact that hey are actively looking.

For Celtics, a backup ‘3’ is currently the No. 1 priority - The Boston Globe

"We're going to be active,'' Rivers said, when asked about the looming trade deadline. "We aren't going to do anything super, but we're going to be active. We're clearly looking. We don't have a lot of assets to move.''

The Celtics have expressed interest in Pistons shooter Richard Hamilton, and reported they talked to the Cavaliers about Anthony Parker. Rockets forward Shane Battier also could be on their radar. But the only players who could entice other teams — Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis, who are both in contract years — are practically immovable as starting center and sixth man.

Battier would be an ideal fit but at what cost?  Not for Perkins or Baby and without one of those two, I'm not sure what the Rockets' motivation would be.  In fact, Chris Mannix already tweeted that it isn't happening.

So I think we're still looking at the Rasual Butlers and Anthony Parkers of the world - which isn't such a bad thing if the price is right.  But we'll see if Ainge can be a little more creative - perhaps taking back a longer salary but dumping Jermaine's deal in the process?

The real good news is that we'll be adding a couple of players to the rotation that are already on the roster.  According to the Globe, both Semih Erden and Delonte West practiced yesterday.  Shaq, on the other hand, is going to be held out of the next road trip.

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