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Trade Deadline Open Thread

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day in this spot.  Discuss below or even in the chat room.  We are aware of the issues happening to some folks in the chat room and are working with the tech team to resolve it.  Thanks for your patience.

Update: Twitter / @gary washburn: 

According to an NBA source, Celtics are close to trading Nate Robinson. More details to come #celtics

Update: Twitter / @Chris Forsberg: 

In Denver, C's are focused on business at hand. Back home, one Celtics source suggested a last-minute deal seemed unlikely.

Update: Twitter / @Jason Lloyd:

With roughly 30 mins left, #Cavs and Bos still far apart on Anthony Parker. Anything can change at last minute, but Cavs look to be done

Update: Twitter / @A. Sherrod Blakely:

#Celtics have identified #Cavs Anthony Parker as top target. Have a handful of others who are all fall-back options at this point.

UpdateTwitter / @Sam Amico

Lots of chatter that Cavs guard Anthony Parker could be on way to Celtics. Not sure just yet how authentic it is.

Update: Chris Mannix (ChrisMannixSI) 

Going to be a fight for Jason Kapono if he is bought out, sources say. If Boston doesn't make a deal, expect them to be in the middle of it.

Update: Twitter / @Jason Lloyd: 

One offer on table: [Anthony Parker] to Celts for Marquis Daniels. #Cavs would buy him out, send him back to Bos. But Cavs want Bos #1 next yr for helping

Update: Twitter / @Ken Berger: C's shopping Daniels

Not having much luck dangling Nate Robinson and pick for wing upgrade, Celtics now trying to use Marquis Daniels' contract, sources say.

Daniels, out with a neck injury, could be bought out by Cavs with cash from Celtcs in a deal for Anthony Parker, sources say.

UpdateDaniels may need season ending surgery - via CSN's Blakely

"There is a chance that he will miss the season and may need surgery to resume his playing career," Danny Ainge, Boston's president of basketball operations, told Wednesday night. "We're still gathering information, but that's where we're at."

Update: via Wojnarowski twitter

Boston, Chicago and several more would love to pry Jared Dudley out of Phoenix, sources say. Suns can't dump Childress deal, need money off. Dudley is a popular player in Phoenix, beloved by organization. Several GM's are dubious Suns would part with him. Need an excellent offer. Celtics have dangled Nate Robinson and 1st round pick, which isn't the most appealing package on market to get a talented perimeter player. To be clear on Celts, I'm told they haven't checked on Dudley very recently. No sense Suns will move him, but he has great value to teams.


It is starting to sound more and more like the Celtics are content to wait this one out.  They are obviously working hard to find a deal that makes sense but are unwilling to pay too much to get something done when they know that they'll have buy-out options in just a few days.  Here's the latest.

Celtics not moved to react -

The club is still seeking help on the wing, and as the cell phone traffic eased last night, it was looking more and more likely that the C’s will get their man after today’s NBA trade deadline when players who don’t get dealt are bought out. Sources say its quite possible an acquisition will come from a group that includes Jason Kapono, Sasha Pavlovic, Rasual Butler and Morris Peterson. But if those players are indeed in line for a buyout, it’s also true their current teams will be looking to include them in deals before it gets to that.

In other news around the league...

  • The LA Clippers traded Baron Davis and a 1st round pick to the Cavs for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon.
  • The Wizards sent Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong to the Hawks for Mike Bibby, Mo Evans, Jordon Crawford and a pick.
  • You may have heard that Melo went to New York and Deron Williams went to the Nets.

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