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Report: Perkins and Robinson Traded to Thunder for Green and Kristic

We'll miss you Beast.
We'll miss you Beast.

From out of nowhere, Woj is reporting that the Celtics are trading Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson to the Thunder for Jeff Green and Nenad "Curly" Kristic.  

Guess the undefeated starting five comment Doc made last June had no meaning after all...

The Thunder also traded D.J. White and Morris Peterson for Nazr Mohammed, but who knows if that's at all related to the Perk/Nate trade.  

UPDATE #1 - From Woj's Twitter:

WojYahooNBA: Boston has traded Semih Erden and Luke Harangody to Cleveland for a second-round pick, source tells Y!

We should all assume something else is going down, as that seems like a total fire sale.  

Update #2 Gary Washburn is reporting that the Celts get the Clips 2012 1st rounder (that OKC acquired in the Eric Bledsoe deal)

gwashburn14: According to a source, the Celtics will also get the Clippers 2012 first-round pick out of the deal #celtics

Maybe Danny is stocking up for a run at a Dwight Howard sign and trade in 2012 (really digging for a bright side here).

Update #3 Blakely reporting maybe Murphy + mystery wing will fill the Erds / Luke roster spots.

SherrodbCSN: League source tells me that the #Celtics looking to add Troy Murphy and possibly another wing player.

Update #4: Ken Berger is reporting Marquis Daniels has been sent to the Kings for cash so that the Kings can get above the minimum salary threshold.  

KBerg_CBS: Celtics have agreed to send Marquis Daniels to Sacramento for cash, source says.

Update #5:  In a unsurprising tweet whose sentiment is shared by many Celtics fans, Woj is reporting: 

WojYahooNBA: As you'd expect, Celtics vets are livid over trade of Kendrick Perkins, sources say. He's the tough guy, enforcer. But BOS can't pay him.

Update #6: Is Danny feeling a need for Sheed?  A. Sherrod Blakely thinks it's possible:

Boston may also bring back Rasheed Wallace, who has remained in the metro Boston area after retiring following Boston's Game Seven loss to the Lakers in last year's NBA Finals.

Although he told this past summer that his NBA career was a "wrap like Christmas," sources have indicated recently that Wallace might have a change of heart if the C's had a roster spot become available.

... but David Aldridge disagrees:

daldridgetnt: Told Cs will NOT be re-signing Sheed. Gotta be Murphy after buyout.

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