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Danny "Agonized" Over Deal, Perkins Shed Tears

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Talk about an emotional day. Reports are that the veterans on the Celtics were "livid" with the news of the trade.

Here are Danny's remarks on WEEI about it.

Ainge: "Agonized" over Perkins deal -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

"[Perkins] wasn’t interested in doing a contract extension," Ainge said. "He wanted to test the market." It was reported that the Perkins rejected a four-year $22 million offer from the team. Perkins was reportedly asking for $30 million over the same period. "It's tough to play the O'Neals and Perk at the same time," Ainge said. "Shaq has proven to be better with our starters. We beat all of the top teams without Kendrick."

Do I even need to bother pointing out that we won a Championship WITH Kendrick? (and lost game 7 without him)

He went on to mention that he "shed some tears" when they told Perkins about it. They weren't the only ones. - Blogs: Celtics Insider" Blog Archive " Perk upset; Nate bids adieu

"He’s taking it pretty hard because he’s been here eight years," Robinson just said while checking out of the team hotel in Denver. "He was very emotional, crying. He has to move his family, and he’s been really tight with Rondo and other guys on the team"

It is official: The OKC Thunder are my favorite Western Conference team. You can follow them on Welcome to Loud City.

Oh yeah, and the Celtics signed someone named Chris Johnson today. 10 day contract. So there's that.

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