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Boston Celtics And Their Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Game.

You might think Ray is smiling here, but he's just being brave.
You might think Ray is smiling here, but he's just being brave.

Celtics 75, Nuggets 89

Okay, let's start out with a couple of facts:

1) Teams don't usually win games directly following a roster overhaul the same day.

2) Teams don't usually win games when they only have 9 active players.

And, as I'm listening to Steve Kerr talk about how Denver did 'so well' against one of the best teams in basketball, I can't help but throw up in my mouth a little. The fact remains that every game matters, even when one of your most consistent (he never did lose that slow gather..not in almost a decade in green) and toughest guys gets shipped out unexpectedly hours before game still matters.

And when it mattered tonight, the Celtics couldn't cut it. Only one starter, Kevin Garnett (14 pts, 13 rbs) shot 50% from the field, and the happiest guy to be out there tonight was a D-Leaguer nobody has ever heard from before. The Celtics lost tonight, they in what is admittedly a knee-jerk judgement, lost today, and yet life goes on.

The game was ugly from beginning to end, despite the Celtics leading for most of the way and well into the second half, and you never really got the feeling that the Celtics wanted the W. The Nuggets controlled the paint (52 boards for the Nugs, 38 for the C's), they brought the energy, and they got the win on the back of a late 16-0 run in the 4th.

Saturday we got the Clippers and we get to see Jeff Green for the first time. Here's hoping for some fireworks.

How about those dunks from Chris Johnson though? Nice, right?

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