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The Krstic-Green Era Begins with a Win

1st and 2nd Quarter Debacle

Well......Krstic started the first minute of his first Celtic game strong by crashing the offensive boards. Blake Griffin started much stronger however, and had a massive one-handed dunk plus some nice passes early. Chris "so easy a" Kaman "can do it", also started strong. This was a tough 1st Quarter for the Celtics, and we were quickly down a nasty feeling 8 points at the end of the 12 minute buzzer. By mid way thru the second quarter we were down 13 with our bench looking like......well.... old school Clippers - completely adrift.

A third foul by Krstic in the 2nd Quarter at the 5:26 mark makes me wince, but he manages to first pick up his third offensive board and a put-back basket before sitting down. Celtic starters back in just a few seconds before the Krstic 3rd foul, and the D picks up a bit. KG did a a very job on Griffin in the 2nd Quarter but he still scored and rebounded. The Clippers also demonstrating solid defense and great hustle on the offensive boards.

End of the 1st Half of Confused Chaos

Clippers up 47-40. I am feeing a strange combo of angry, tired and wishing I could turn back the clock.  The Clippers up 26-16 regarding points in the paint for the 1st half.

Third Quarter Celtic Rally

A vicious determined group of Celtic starters were able to completely erase a halftime deficit of 7 points at the 7:37 mark of the 3rd Quarter off an 18 ft jumper by Krstic. The fast pace of the of the 3rd quarter was dictated by the Celtics not the Clippers. Paul Pierce was very aggressive in going towards the basket every time he touched the ball. Krstic was quite active on the boards before sitting down about mid-way thru the quarter. Celtics owned this quarter by a turnaround of 13 points from the half. The big 4 on the C's were active, determined and all were wearing Perkin-like scowls. 74-68 in favor of the Celtics at the end of the quarter

4th Quarter West Coast Celtic Choppers....

At the 7:47 mark the Celtics still up 6 when Griffin re-enters the game. Delonte West played a solid game hitting some key shots, nice passing and giving Rajon a good long rest that was never afforded to him by Nate. Celtics increase their lead to a dozen at about the 6 minute mark. Foye gets his 29th point for the Clippers at the three minute mark and our lead is cut to 8 points. A squandered offensive set by the Celtics (read Big Baby Davis) gives the Clippers the ball back with 2:30 left. Foye hits yet another three and the lead is down to five with 1:38 left to play. I really have to go to the bathroom at this point but there is none of that in the 4th quarter - it's a rule to live by. With 34 seconds left we turn the ball over with a seven point lead and I feel a twinge of fear. But the mighty starting 5 hold on for a needed win.

The day is over and I can sleep well. Peace and good night - Talk amongst yourselves!!!! Go Celtics!

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