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Buyout Updates: Celts Like Brewer, Murphy Prefers Miami?

Marc Stein throws out an interesting name who just hit the waiver wire:

Sources say we're about to have a surprising late addition to the buyout market: New York is buying out Corey Brewer

Sources say Celts, Spurs, Mavs and OKC have all registered immediate interest in Brewer, who holds obvious appeal to all as wing defender

At the same time, there's some potentially disappointing news in the Troy Murphy watch, via Chris Broussard:

[A] source also said Miami is the front-runner for Troy Murphy. The Heat will have to cut as many players as they sign, and the source said Carlos Arroyo and Jamaal Magloire are the likeliest candidates.

In the same story, Broussard's source confirms that Mike Bibby is going to the Heat.

Update:  A. Sherrod Blakely tweets:

Murphy camp wasn't sure #heat would eat another guaranteed salary to bring him on. Appears they're willing to do it. #heat in the lead now.

Update:  Alan Hahn tweets that  Kelenna Azubuike has been waived.

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