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Celtics Drop One At Home In The Last Minute To Dallas

This was a fantastic game...aside from the outcome. Felt like a playoff game, the crowd was with it, the players were focused and intense, and both teams brought their A game.

The Celtics lost the game though when the Mavericks finished the contest on a 10-0 run, to seal the 4pt victory. Some questionable shots from the Celtics, and some lucky breaks/fantastic makes from the Mavericks, and what looked like a Celtics victory slipped away in the waning minutes, capitalized by a 3pt shot by Jason Kidd that left only 2.5 seconds left on the clock that left the Mavs up 2. 

The Celtics tried a classic (if you're a fan) play to even up the contest, an alley-oop to Garnett from an inbounds pass. Garnett was wide open, but the pass was high. Ya can't get them all.

The Celtics loss tonight means that the Mavericks officially become the first "contender" to go unbeaten against the C's.

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