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Marquis Daniels Suffers Neck Injury, Taken to Hospital

During the second quarter of Sunday's game against the Magic, Marquis Daniels made a crossover move on the Magic's Gilbert Arenas and caught his neck on Arenas' chest. He immediately hit the floor face down and lay ther motionless.

As the Garden crowd grew eerily silent, a stretcher was pulled out to take Quis away. Before being taken away, Quis gave everyone in the crowd something they had been hoping for -- a sign. With a thumbs up, Quis was on his way to New England Baptist Hospital.

There's no more word on it from there, but Celtics report that Quis was conscious and talking on his way there. And obviously the fact that he could give the thumbs up was a huge sign.

More to come as we hear it.

UPDATE: Carolyn Manno's Twitter: @Gary_Tanguay reporting Marquis Daniels will be ok. All extremities moving according to medical staff sources

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